Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bats - What You Think You Understand About Them is Probably Incorrect - Part 2

Hello again. In this next section we will cover some other misconceptions and hopefully, help to waste some of these fallacies. Again simply to remind you, I am not a scientist, teacher or teacher just someone who has found these types of creatures to be quite interesting.

Facts and fallacies associated with vampire bats. According to 1 source, there are approximately 1100+ bat species in the world in each continent except Antarctica and some remote islands. Of all these kinds of bats, there are only three(3) vampire bats, and they are situated in Central and South America. All of the hype and the movies regarding vampires and vampire bats is pure fiction. To begin with, the "vampire" bat does not suck the blood through its food source. Much more a small slit with its razor-sharp teeth and laps in the blood, about a teaspoon each time. Contrary to popular belief, they do not like a human being blood but rather herbivore bloodstream, usually cattle or deer. Usually, the animal is sleeping and they never even observe them. The other 1097+ bats eat insects, fruit, liquor, and pollen. Some consume fish and frogs. The actual insect-eating bats eat billions of tons of bugs each summer protecting our crops and saving these people farmers millions of dollars of damage. Fresh fruit bats, through pollination as well as seed dispersal, bring us more than 450 products and eighty medications. Some of these foods that we take pleasure in because of bats are banana's, mango's, cashews and times. For you tequila lovers, there is no tequila without bats.

Another myth of the bat is they all carry rabies. Now they are capable of catching the condition, just like any other mammal. Under ½ of 1% regarding bats get this disease and incredibly rarely do they become hostile. Usually, they just turn out to be weak and die. In fact, more people have died coming from rabies from household domestic pets than all the recorded historical past of bats. Now good sense will tell you that a bat is not usually on the ground. If you experience one on the ground, then let it stay alone. It is either ill or has been injured. Just like any other wild animal, bats will bite you if they happen to be startled, scared or feel as if they are backed into a part. If they must be handled, after that wear leather gloves. One that looks dead might be dazed, and when you contact them, they will bite within self-defense.

One more myth may be the bat trapping can talk to the actual spirits or are called the Demons Blood Creation. Some civilizations even say the bat offers supernatural powers. They are night time creatures, so most people in no way see them, and people fear what they don't know or even understand.

One of the last common myths about bats is that they provide no useful purpose, and they are just disgusting flying rodents. Now we have already discussed the particular rat or rodent component. As for no useful objective! Think about this; in Central Tx alone, bats consume concerning 2 million (2, 000, 000) pounds of pests an hour during the summer months. The particular farmers love which, and some of these farmers tend to be putting up bat houses due to the loss of habitats for bats. These bats save typically the farmers millions of dollars in harm because of the voracious appetites of those bats. Unless you are a great enthusiast on the mosquito, then a softball bat serves a very useful goal. I don't know about you. However, I dislike the odor of insecticides and candle lights that don't work perfectly as well as being bitten by mosquitoes. So Viva Los Angeles Bats. http://batremovalspecialists.com/

One fact worth addressing, bats do not harm all of us, and in fact, are very helpful. Now if you don't want bats in your attic, that is easy to understand. Close and seal your attic so they can't enter. No need to kill them. There are many ways to have the bats eliminated without killing them. Right now if you would like the benefits of insect consuming bats around, then organized a few bat houses.